Sibuyasan Festival is celebrated in town annually, in the month of April. This festival aims to celebrate the prosperous harvest of the farmers through the year though many disasters come in their way.  Even before the festival, different stores build their small business which will stand even after the Festival. Different rides like Ferris wheel will also be noticed as the big day comes.

The people celebrate the festival for the entire week. There are series of events that happens during the week such as Farmer’s Day and Trade Fair including some fun activities like Onion Eating and Carabao Racing which all occur few days before the main event.

A pageant also takes place in town, one of the highlights of the Festival, where you can see the beautiful and stunning faces of Bongabon. Every year, different pageant takes place like Bb. Bongabon, Mrs. Bongabon, Ms. Gay Bongabon, and currently, the Mr. and Ms. Bongabon.

Street Dancing Competition, another highlight of Sibuyasan Festival, is also participated by different schools in the municipality either primary or secondary. Different elementary school competes for the number one spot in the primary category while different high schools in the municipality compete in the secondary category. After the Street Dancing Competition, Street Party will be next where people will party until dawn.

On the day of the festival, people goes to church to pray for their harvest, prosperity and family. After the mass, religious events take place like mass wedding or mass christening and the like. Every year, Sibuyasan festival has always been colorful and peaceful for the enjoyment of the people.